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Product Short Run Activation

     Product assembly line set up fee (full color plastics) 


    - One time cost includes dashboard to order part/parts

    - runs approved product forever for production- No mold/tool cost

    - (1) sample 

    -  costing for one offs & for short runs 

    -  Product can be personalized for each individual part/customizable 

    -  turnaround within (2) weeks


Product Line Activation

     Direct to consumer from a marketing activation 

  • Brand dashboard to show orders within supply chain for fulfilment

  • enabling personalization & customization in the application for activation

  • Built in quote for production assembly cost based on volumes

  • Orders filled on demand & shipped to end customer

  • Short run product assembly line for short runs forever 

  • costing for one offs & for short run activations


Own on-demand production

On-demand assembly lines for marketing & retail

Custom Brand Digital Assembly Line


  • Api to plug directly into applications, e-commerce, games, activations to take orders on demand 

  • Dedicated assembly line of printers & factory floor space dedicated for your product lines

  • trained AI robotic arms dealing with your specific product lines to ensure scale & smooth on demand operation

  • Factory space for custom boxing

  • Security device on manufacturing floor to ensure I.P. is secure while manufactures produce your product

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