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Morph Your 3D Creations Into Reality

Intigo Racing Helmet
3D Printed Racing Helmet
3D scanning

 A New Way To

Manufacture On Demand

Intigo Digital Inventory

3D Printing production dashboard

Fulfill products & parts around the globe on-demand. No inventory needed!

 Get 3D assets approved for digital inventory

Start manufacturing parts & products within weeks 

3D design watch & Physical watch
How it works

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The Intigo 3D Assembly Line

Digital inventory Dashboard

Order products and parts on demand in bulk or just a one off piece. Fulfill on demand & monitor products within our supply chain 

Managed by Henry 

3D Design Network

3D design services optimizes 3D assets to be manufactured. Add personalization & customization to products

3D Design

API-On Demand

Plug into our global network & power manufacturing with our turnkey solution. Dashboards handle the logistics and fulfilments

3D Print Factory Network

Global 3D Print Providers who utilize our management/ fulfillment system to produce your products on demand


Patented Security

Your Printable Asset holds all your manufacturing IP. Just like music files in the days of Napster, use Intigo to protect your manufacturing!

DALL·E 2024-05-27 14.00.21 - A 3D banner hero for showcasing the fusion of creat

Plug in to Power On Demand Manufacturing 

Use our API to turn 3D assets physical.

Direct from your application or activation.

No Mold, No Overheads

Product Live Within Weeks

HD Photo realistic quality

Give customers something bespoke

3D printed diorama Fortnite
Click to play
See our plug in with ready-player-me
Approve 3D Applications & Activations for Physicals On Demand

Marketing Activation Packages

Drone Propeller
White Drone

Create accessories & gadgets for your existing products, marketing activations & short runs. Execute Products within weeks! 

Purple Frame Sunglasses
Light Bulb

No tooling cost or mold needed

Once your 3D model is approved we will send you a sample to approve your product line! 

Once approved- Products can produced on demand & personalized forever

Quality & Experience 



A new digital supply chain to manufacture on demand without borders

 Expand your requirements for respected industries. Automotive, Oil & Gas, Aerospace & Medical

Dental 3D
Dental 3D
3D printed parts & 3D dashboard

Utilize our software to reduce cost on 3D print supply chain & own your workflows. All domains included in supply chain. Protect your IP & own supply chain

Patented Security & Devices

The Intigo 3D Digital Assembly Line is managed by our solution "Henry" named after Henry Ford. The goal of the Intigo Assembly Line is provide manufacturing for everyone

Licensing options for IP holders, brands, 3D print factories, commercial projects & beyond. Find out which of our patented solutions is a fit for you!

Securely Stream &

Protect Your IP

Own Your Workflows & Logistics

Have Insight & Own Your Supply Chain

Tailor For Your Own Industry

Coming Soon...

3D scanning
I phone

The First end to end solution to


the digital & physical world together


Intigo 3D

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